Samsung Internal HAFIN2/EXP Water Filter Cartridge - Pack Of 2


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£69.99 Pack of 2
Samsung Internal HAFIN2/EXP Water Filter Cartridge - Pack Of 2

Samsung Internal HAFIN2/EXP Water Filter Cartridge - Pack Of 2


Genuine consumable

Stock No: 2699650OH

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    Enjoy a life where fresh and clean water is always available - the Samsung HAFIN2 water filter provides an alternative to bottled water.

    By drinking filtered water rather than purchasing branded bottled water, imagine how much money you could save and cause less harm to the environment from plastic waste.

    It offers you a more cost effective and eco-friendly way to enjoy water at its very best and natural form. A good quality water filter, which has been certified, will quickly become part of daily life and source of refreshment.

    This water filter has a Hafin2 style connection fitting, and you will be able to see when the filter needs to be replaced - due to it featuring a light indicator that will display on the digital panel of your fridge.

    It is recommended that you replace this filter every 6 months to continue to enjoy the benefits of filtered water.

    Installation Method: 90º Rotate and lock.






    Please Note: If you have a fridge that uses the "Hafin" style filter, you can use this "Hafin2" type filter - but will also need to purchase the filter housing & tubes (shown as adaptor case in the "Don't Forget" tab above)

    Please check the list of suitable models to ensure that this spare part will fit your appliance.


    • Type: HAFIN2/EXP
    • Capacity: 300 gallons / 1136 Litres (per filter)
    • This filter is the INTERNAL filter that fits inside the appliance
    • Filter light indicator - simply refer to the digital panel on your refrigerator to see whether your filter needs replacing
    • Each filter also comes with a month sticker that can be applied to the filter cartridge as a reminder
    • Samsung water filters use a high grade carbon block, removing over 99% of potentially harmful contaminants which may be present in your water
    • NSF 42 Certified for chlorine odor and taste reductions
    • NSF 53 certified for cysts, turbidity, lead, asbestos, benzene, carbofuran, p-Dichlorobenzene and mercury
    • Insatallation method: 90º rotate and lock
    • Save money and the environment
    • Recommended that the Filter Cartridge be replaced every 6 months
    • (W x D x H) 72 x 72 x 142mm
    • Weight: 0.266 (Kg)
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Genuine consumable

Stock No: 2699650OH